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Stop The Hustle. Make More Money Online, Faster, Doing What You Love!

It’s time to say yes to bringing what's inside of you to life, and to making MORE money online, faster, by being fully you and doing what you love! 

  • More Wealth, Less Hustle
  • More "Dream" Clients
  •  More Life On Your Terms

This is what I know about you - 

You are a high achiever, a badass, successful and driven as all get out, someone willing to do the WORK. Others look to you and wonder how you do it all. They see you as a superwoman, someone who can't be stopped and will not be stopped! 

All of which is true.

But what they don't know is this... 

You know you're playing smaller than what you could be. That there is SO much more inside of you to let out, and through. To go all in on. And sometimes you don't feel at ALL as though you're being 'unapologetically you'. In fact, you go back and forth between feeling SO proud of yourself and just in your flow vibe ...

to wondering if you know anything at all or if you're not just a total fraud ...

to getting ANGRY at yourself for not just knuckling down and DECIDING bigger.

You want:

to feel confident and soul CERTAIN about where things are going. About what you are doing. About the place within that it's coming from. That you are on PATH. And that you get to wake up each day AND go to bed each night just KNOWING -

I am being who I came here to be. All in. No holds barred.

You want to get lost in your Genius Zone. To lose yourself in the flow that is YOU. 

And to know you get to be paid bank AND make a helluva difference in the lives of those who you're here to help all by saying yes to ALL of this.

... Not by doing what the so-called rules of marketing say ... what anybody else says ... what is the 'done thing' in your industry or niche ... and certainly not what the fear voice in your own mind throws at you!

You want MORE money, MORE time, MORE space and freedom to be in the dance of being fully you, EPIC lit up vibes in every area of your life, fun, adventure, spontaneity, and also structure and depth in your money and biz! And you want a coach and a mentor who can simultaneously kick your butt and show you how to find what works for you while flicking the switch so you DO it, AND also reminding you on a DEEP soul level that-

You are right. What you feel inside of you is real. You GET to let it out. You must! And you really can have it all.
On your terms –

And then some. (And you know you can!)

But let's cut to the chase for a moment, because this is KIND of a big deal.

A big deal which took me about 7 years to really integrate and accept and allow out of me! Ha! But so it often is, don't you find? With our SOUL work. (Answer: yes. It is!)

Sometimes the things that make no sense are the exact things which make ALL the sense, in the end though. 

When you know, YOU KNOW. 

So if you'd love daily live support, coaching, become part of mastermind group of badass women entrepreneurs, and the exact learning and guidance you need from an online coach and creator who has 'done it all' when it comes to the ups and downs of business from soul ... and who can help you to make MORE money, faster, by being fully you, and all on your terms, then YES! This is the mastermind for you!

It's time to MAKE MONEY!!

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 EVERYTHING in EmpowHER Society - Absolutely EVERYTHING

 Monthly Live Group Coaching Call With Me - An Additional Coaching Call for JUST the Business Mavens

 Monthly Live Group Coaching Call With My Team - A UNIQUE  & UNPRECEDENTED Opportunity to Sit With My Team 

 Behind-The-Scenes Access As We Grow Our International Business - We Will Show You EXACTLY What We Are Doing To Expand Our Business Into International Markets

 Exclusive Inbox Email Address - You Will Have Access To An Exclusive Email Address Created Just For This Program, Where You Can Submit Questions to Me & My Team

 BONUS! Exclusive Access To Our Growing Business Mavens Mastermind Library of Resources

 BONUS! Unlimited Access To All Of Our LIVE Group Workshops & Launches (ex: LinkedIn Challenge, Money Mindset Workshops, How To Write Your Book, How To Run a Highly Profitable Challenge, etc.

From The Desk Of Olivia Jaras
Hanover NH, USA

My Dear Friend,

Olivia here!  

2021 is well on it's way and we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for some of the crazy things going on in this world. 

And I’m sure your mind is starting to flood with all of the exciting things you want to achieve this year.

Like waking up every morning to new sales in your inbox…

Being packed to the wall with consults for excited prospects…

Able to finally travel overseas with your hubby or girlfriends and not worry about your business suffering as a result…

To have the time and money to take school holidays off and spend them with your kids…

And to have the ability to work with hundreds (even thousands) of people all around the world, every day.

Today, I want to share a story with you that I hope will give you confidence…

And help you see that there is a better way.

A few years ago, I was crying in my car on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere New Hampshire.

I was totally defeated. 

But now I run a global 7-figure business coaching and consulting business. 

One that helps thousands of women around the world.

And I’m not afraid of making money anymore because I’ve cracked the proverbial code.

So I'm here to show you how to crack the code for yourself. 

You see, here’s the problem…

Although I was able to get to 7-figures a year in turnover…

(Which sounds great right?!)

I had to work 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and never had a spare moment for my friends or family, let alone myself.

I was essentially just trading my time for money…

Which means I’d simply created a high paid job for myself that was way more stressful than a 9-5, with no chance of a balanced lifestyle.

I learned that it’s actually really easy to build a business that you hate…

To find yourself in a situation that has no profit, and just sucks your soul.

I knew I wasn’t fulfilling my true purpose…

I wanted to create a profitable, lifestyle business that meant I could impact hundreds of women…

To equip them and empower them to get real results…

But I also didn’t want to sacrifice my life in the process.

I was forced to push my friends and family to the back burner of my priorities.

I had notebooks overflowing with to-dos…

All the things I needed to accomplish in my business.

But every day I’d push them aside to fulfill those bigger priorities that came up.

I’d covered my office wall with sticky-notes of goals I’d made at the start of the year…

Goals that really could change everything, if I ever got around to them.

But now they just seemed like unrealistic pipe-dreams in the face of everything else.

Months and months passed until one day…

I reached my breaking point.

I pulled over on the side of the road after barely any sleep…

And I just snapped.

I pulled over and just sat in my car crying.

I had no idea how I was going to do another day of this, let alone another year.

And at that moment, I knew something had to change.

Cause business shouldn’t be this hard, should it?

I thought I was supposed to be goal-planning…

But this isn’t working.

It didn’t take long before I started to realize something…

At the time, it was so profound, but when I say it out loud now…

It’s just so obvious.

I did have time to accomplish all of these goals on my list.

I just needed to stop planning them, and start DOING them.

Sure, I’d covered my walls with ideas…

Filled my notebooks with to-do’s…

Made plan after plan on where I wanted to go…

But I’d never put the right steps in place to actually get there.

I’d spent every January hoping that this year would finally be the year something changes…

But 12 months later I’d feel like I’d achieved nothing.

Does this sound familiar?

Do you feel like you’re in the same position as you were last year?

Or worse still, like you’ve gone backward?

I totally know how you feel.

I really wanted to accomplish these goals.

I wasn’t trying to be lazy, or find the easy-way-out…

I really cared about growing my business.

But I couldn’t figure out how.

I didn’t have a roadmap to follow…

I didn’t have any accountability.

All I wanted was to help more female entrepreneurs to share their Genius Zone with the world…

But I’d been spending too much time dreaming and not enough time doing.

So I opened up to a brand new page in my notebook…

And I asked myself…

What is ONE thing I want to accomplish in the next 90 days?

Everything else can wait…

What is just one problem I need to solve in my business right now?

And which tasks are absolutely necessary for me to get to that point?

You see, all the advice out there was telling me that the busier I was, the more I’d accomplish.

The harder I hustled, the more goals I’d tick off.

But this goal-planning strategy flipped that on its head…

Instead of making minuscule progress on the hundreds of to-dos covering my walls…

Now I could narrow my focus in on just one thing.

When I ticked that off, I could move on to the next one.

And I could repeat this all throughout the year, and by the time I hit 12 months, my business could look totally different.

If I built my goals around smaller milestones and bite-sized tasks…

I wouldn’t have to just hope that they’d get accomplished…

I would have a roadmap to follow that would take the guesswork out of things!

Can you see how game-changing this could be?

I followed this strategy for the next 90 days with one goal in mind…

Then, I spent another 90 days working on another goal, and another after that.

And guess what happened?

These goals quickly started becoming realities.

The same dreams that I’d been pushing down in my to-do list for months (sometimes even years)…

All of a sudden, they were accomplished.

I built up an email list of strong, committed prospects who valued me, liked me, and trusted me…

And I could say goodbye to those soul-sucking clients dragging me all around the city to keep them happy.

I started making real money selling-out online courses, speaking engagements and coaching online…

(I’m talking multiple 7-figures in sales…)

And by the end of that 90-days, I was waking up every morning with new payment notifications in my inbox.

Most powerfully of all though…

I was able to streamline and scale my entire business through automating all those time-consuming todo’s…

So now I had more time to be creative with new products and offers…

I had more energy to spend time with my husband and my friends…

And I finally had my weekends back.

When I started doing the right things in the right order…

I was able to monetize my Genius Zone in a profitable, scalable way…

And now I make 5-times what I was making before, with much higher profit margins…

I work far fewer hours, and have way more freedom to do what I love…

And I get to impact tens of thousands of people (instead of just hundreds).

This goal-setting strategy can be game-changing for you too…

If you’re a female entrepreneur ready to draw a line in the sand and  make the next 12 months your most profitable yet...

Imagine feeling full of clarity, direction, and confidence stepping into this year?

Imagine not worrying about getting side-tracked, or wasting time doing the wrong things?

Imagine escaping from your own business "Groundhog Day" without having to just throw in the towel altogether?

Sounds amazing, right!?

You just need to do the right things in the right order.

You see, my clients are leaders.



Others look to them, and wonder:

How does she do it all?

How is she SO on, so much of the time?

How on earth do they show up so damn consistently, be such a winner across so many areas, aim and also achieve so BIG, and still have mofo time for a life?!

Others watch and are impressed, in awe, or triggered, inspired, whatever, but here is what the others don't know:

My clients, and those who resonate with my message, the ones who ARE INDEED ALREADY CHANGING THE WORLD, and doing the damn thing, who HAVE indeed played a big freakin' game already and indeed have paved the way for so many others to live THEIR dreams.

Yet they are here because they know they're not going all in... not even close to it.


At this point we're talking about you ( cause let's say it as it is...)

You look around, and you get that you're a higher achiever, you get that you're a superwoman,  that just how you live and breathe inspires (or confronts) people!

It's not that you're not proud of yourself ...

It's not that you don't KNOW you've created some amazing work,

and let's be honest, sometimes you even feel like a rockstar.

But deep inside YOU KNOW....




Because you know you were always meant to be so much more than this.

More for the sake of more? Not quite.

More like - MORE because it's what you came here to DO.

More because it's just who you ARE.

More because your soul is not fully breathing yet, and oh - by the way - !


But yet,

here you are - 

Not doing and not being.


Because even though you are the badass, the leader... the truth is you, you have doubts.

You're scared:

- that you don't have what it takes to go truly next level

- that even though you're a winner, maybe you're not THAT much of a winner

- that you're going to screw it all up! So bad! And the whole world will know!

- that you've ALREADY screwed it all up, and you're just kinda holding the whole thing together by a thread

- that if someone blows too hard, you AND what you've built will just fall apart

- that you don't have the energy, the drive, the motivation you used to

- that your REALLY big dreams are not realistic

- and most of all, that you go all in at being the you who you dream of being, you'll fall on your face,

... and then you will actually have to walk around KNOWING you could not, did not, too bad.

Cause sometimes it feels like it's easier to just not know ...

But then again:

And boy oh boy do I know what it's like.

To have something inside of you that can't quit won't quit can't BREATHE without being fully unleashed.


I know what it's like to not unleash it.

To go to bed night after night, KNOWING you didn't go all in on you. Knowing it's available, and that you could, that if you JUST laid yourself on the line you'd not only make the money you dream of, but you'd also finally be being the YOU you dream of being.

I know what it's like to be  called and not answer the call...


You just get older, and your self-belief dwindles a little more,

and then more.

So here is what all of this comes down to:

You want to go bigger than what you've even so far allowed yourself to dream. At your core, beneath the fear, LET'S JUST BE HONEST:

You know you have what it takes.

But you do need somebody there to remind you who TF you are,

show you on REPEAT how to flick the switch to believing in yourself,

give you a roadmap and kick your butt into gear.


This is what I do.

I work with game-changers, leaders, revolutionaries, who were born for more and are willing to do what it takes, no matter what it takes, until it takes, to be and do and have and unleash ALL of that more.

When you come in to my space, it will literally be IMPOSSIBLE for you to run from yourself anymore, because really what I do?

I make game-changers like you change their game forever.

And finally do everything they came here for.

This work is about being who you are in every area.

Aligned across the board.

We don't kick your butt to get an OUTCOME,

without first changing the OUTPUT of how you see the world,

and how you know you get to be who you came to be. 

Fully you. No excuses.

This means that when you come into my space you come to press play in business / purpose work. 

In money. In your life. 

In creating the fun and adventure and memories you want. 

In legacy. 

In spirituality, and how you choose to be supported beyond just the physical or 'natural'. 

And in every single bit of how your mind operates and thus determines your reality.

Yes it'll shift your money and business. 

But more importantly... our journey together is about soul shifting work. 

So if you're ready for massive change....

Let's do it!


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Copyright 2021 | Salary Coaching for Women | All Rights Reserved
Copyright 2021 | Salary Coaching for Women | All Rights Reserved